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Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck Rookie

Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck Rookie

 value1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter rookie card. Ever since Derek Jeter reached the 3,000 hit plateau, he punched his ticket into the hall of fame. This Upper Deck rookie card of Jeter values at around $25 – 35  bucks. There is a version of this card in the 1993 Upper Deck factory set which has a little gold hologram on the back, which is worth slightly more.

Professionally graded cards are worth much more, a Beckett grade of ’10′ can go for $200 dollars, and only go up as time goes on.

Derek Jeter is the only Yankee to ever reach the 3,000 hit milestone, in the franchise’s storied history. He is also only the second major league baseball player to hit a homer for his 3,000 hit. Wade Boggs was the other. Check out the video for a cool Jeter retrospective.

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Barry Bonds Rookie Card

1987 Barry Bonds Topps Baseball Rookie Card #320

barry bonds topps 1987 rookie card 214x300 value

This 1987 Barry Bonds rookie card  is not the greatest looking card produced, but it is his rookie card. These can be had pretty cheap these days,value 15 to 20 bucks. Some will try to sell these for 1,000 and up graded, don’t fall for it. Barry Bonds unfortunately has had his career tarnished due to the steroid controversy.

He is the major league baseball home run record holder, but there will always be an asterisk next to that number of 762 HR’s *.

Bonds was a central figure in the 2007  BALCO  steroids hearings.  He was indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice.  He was convicted on April of 2011 for the obstruction charge.

Did he or didn’t he? Either way his chances at this point for making the hall of fame are slim to none. Nearly 95% of the baseball writers agree they would not vote for him.

Love or hate him, he has had a great career: 762 HR’s * 1996 RBI .298 BA.

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1993 Topps Derek Jeter Rookie Card

1993 Derek Jeter Topps Rookie Card

 value Pictured here is the 1993 Topps  Derek Jeter rookie card #98 in the series. Still very reasonable, and totally worth it to buy. Derek joined elite company earlier this year when he homered for his 3,000 career hit. Buy a Derek Jeter Topps Rookie Card Here

This Topps Derek Jeter rookie card is worth anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars and will surely climb as time goes on, as the hall of fame is calling Jeter’s name. Known for his heads up play and flair for the dramatic, Derek Jeter is the definition of a clutch player. He is a career .309 hitter in postseason play, and hit a monster .409 in the 2000 Subway Series vs. the Mets.

The 1993 Derek Jeter upper deck rookie card is also pretty cool too, and very much worth the investment.

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Cal Ripken Topps Rookie Card

 valueThe 1982 Cal Ripken rookie card value is around $80 in mint condition. Although professionally the  graded Ripken topps  rookie card are being sold for hundreds of dollars. Cal Ripken is featured in the middle of the card, sandwiched between Bob Bonner and Jeff Schneider (who are they?). Buy the Cal Ripken Rookie Card HERE.

Cal Ripken is the new ‘iron man’ of baseball . He passed Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played streak on September 6, 1995 when he appeared in his 2,131 straight game. This remarkable feat did not stop there, when all was said and done Cal Ripken appeared in 2,632 consecutive games, a record which most likely will never be broken.