1979 Pirates Baseball Cards

1979 Pirates Baseball Cards

The entire city of Pittsburgh was gleefully singing the disco hit ‘We Are Family’ as the 1979 Pirates captured their fifth World Series title. Here a few baseball cards of key players from that team. You can buy some 1979 Pirates baseball cards here


1979 Topps Willie Stargell baseball card. Willie Stargell, affectionately dubbed as ‘Pops’ was no doubt the leader of the team. Stargell brought a calming presence to the dugout and the younger players really looked up to him.

By this time, Stargell was in the waning years of his career, but you would not know that by the numbers he put up .In 1979, Stargell hit .281 with 32 home runs and 82 rbi’s.  He was the National League co-MVP with Keith Hernandez.

Willie Stargell was also the NLCS and World Series MVP for the Pirates in 1979. In the ’79 Series Stargell went 12 for 30 and hit three homers, including a dramatic long ball in game 7, to put a cap on the championship for the Pirates. Stargell is in the baseball Hall of Fame. Willie Stargell was the one to suggest the ‘We Are Family’ theme song.



Here is the 1979 Pirates Dave Parker baseball card. Nicknamed ‘The Cobra’ Parker was fresh off a 1978 NL MVP award. Parker hit 25 homers and drove in 94 runs in 1979.

Legend has it that Parker actually hit a baseball so hard he ‘tore the cover off it’. Parker was the first professional athlete to make 1 million dollars in a year.

Dave Parker was also a 3x gold glover in the outfield. Very few base runners would test his throwing arm, as he led the NL in assists four times.



1979 Phil Garner Pirates baseball card. Garner was a gritty hard nosed ball player, nicknamed ‘Scrap Iron’ for his style of play.

No doubt that season was a career year for Garner, who hit ..471 in the NLCS and a remarkable .500 in the 79 World Series.

Later in his career as a manger, Garner led the Astros to their first ever World Series in 2005.




1979 Omar Moreno Pirates baseball card. Omar Moreno patrolled center field and he was indeed a table setter for the Bucks.

He led the NL in stolen bases in 1978 and 1979. He no steals in the World Series, but he his .333 and was indeed a key contributor.

There were so many other great players on this team, I will cover more of them in the future. Get Pirates cards on Ebay