1968 Nolan Ryan Topps Rookie Stars Card

Nolan Ryan Topps #177 Rookie Stars Card 1968This is hall of famer  Nolan Ryan’s rookie card. It is card #177 in the 1968 topps series. Featured on this card is also Jerry Koosman. This card has a book value of around $300.00, but can sell for up to $1500.00. The condition of the card , of course being the key factor.

What can be said of Nolan Ryan?  How many MLB  records does he hold?  The list is astounding :

Most strikeouts, lifetime: 5714 – Most no-hitters, career: 7 – Most strikeouts, season: 383 (AL, 1973) – Most seasons, 200+ strikeouts: 15 -Most consecutive strikeouts, game: 8- Oldest to pitch a no-hitter: 44 (5/1/91) – Fastest pitch (as listed in the Guiness Book Of World Records): 101.9 MPH.

Overall in his career, Nolan Ryan had 324 Wins and a  3.19 ERA. And he was tough, there was no pitcher more intimidating than Nolan Ryan.

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