My Baseball Card Site

Baseball cards have always been a passion of mine. I always had a love for baseball, to me it was the only sport. Growing up, I wish someone had told me about baseball card values, because I would of taken better care of them.

I would scrounge up what little money I had from my allowance, hop on my bike and head down to the stationery store to buy a fresh pack of Topps baseball cards. Hoping to get my favorite card, I would eagerly rip the pack open, stuff the stale stick of gum in my mouth and look through the cards. Then off to a friends house, where I would gamble with my luck.

baseball cards 300x217 value

We would play a game called ‘flipping’. Each player would start with ten baseball cards, and take turns flipping them onto one another. If you matched the team color on the card, you would win the pile. This game could go on for hours, or some cases minutes, when I lost all my cards – bummer.  Then we would also ‘scale’ cards, you fling them towards the wall, and the one who lands closest keeps all the cards.

God only knows how much money I lost. At the end of these sessions, if I had any left, the baseball cards would be bent, abused, and sticky from some unknown substance on the garage floor. Now ,older and wiser, as I try to rebuild my collection, I take the utmost care.

I started this site, not only for my love of the hobby, but to inform and share with fellow enthusiasts. Baseball card values have gone up and down over the years, due to supply and demand.  For instance, in the late 1980′s more card companies have come out of the woodworks. Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss joined the fray along with Topps, and each player had like 6 rookie cards. Now that Topps is the last one standing, new cards should hold more value in the future.

Just a quick note on navigating this site. To find a specific baseball card, you can quickly use the search box on the top left. Also, the menu bar breaks down categories, by make and decade. To the right, you can view the most viewed cards of the day. Click RSS in the menu to subscribe to my feed, I update nearly every day.

Besides just giving you baseball card values, I try to give you some player information and stats along with video. My goal is to entertain, not just jam a site with card names and prices.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, please comment if you would like. Follow me on Google + and friend me on Facebook. Love making new friends.